Eco Harrymans Homestay (Self help goup) is run by the local community of Pawalgarh Kumaun in the state of Uttrakhand India. Entire village community is involved, Mr Manral owned the home you stay in,and others are involved in guiding, cooking delicious pure organic food for you, growing vegetables, dairy and poultry, organizing adventure activities etc. the idea behind Harrymans is to enjoy the untouched natural beauty and the local flora and fauna, without interfering. Harrymans assists both those who love nature and understand the importance of maintaining ecological balance and for those who wish to gain a new experience of nature and understand it. Eco Tourism is the responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of local people. Our Aim is to promote community based tourism while helping local communities benefit fully from the economic opportunities of low-impact this way, the spectacular environmental and cultural heritage of these areas can be protected for future generations and tourism can develop to meet the needs of local communities.

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