Some Homestay Village Activities
  • Village walks.
  • Cultural song and dances
  • Ploughing the field
  • Milking the cows and making butter
  • Fodder collection and feeding cattle
  • Paddy cultivation and harvesting
  • Participation in cultural festivals
  • Traditional games and sports.
  • Collection and cooking of wild edibles
  • Listening to folk tales and stories
  • day hikes to pilgrimage sites
  • Bird and butterfly watching
  • Exploring local flora
  • Preparing local food and beverages.
  • Many more village engagements….

Five ways that you can support Home stays

Spread the word: If you had an enjoyable home stay experience, share it with your friends , family and other travelers. Remember that home stays guests help support traditional livelihoods and the environment.

Support local organizations: Home stay is run by the local village committee. this committee are aware of local needs of the community and are more than happy to suggest ways that you can support the village.

Buy local products: Many villages have cooperative societies that produce traditional handicrafts and other items for sale. purchasing local crafts in the villages directly supports the villagers

Share your photos: Photographs are essential to promoting the home stays and its a great way to share your memories. if possible burn a disk of your photos and send it to the local village committees.

Communicate: The only way that villagers can improve their home stay services is if they receive honest feedback from guests.

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