About the Area : Pawalgarh is known worldwide “Bachelor of Pawalgarh” the biggest tiger ever bagged by famous  Jim Corbett. Jim corbett has written a lesson on bachelor of Pawalgarh in his book man eaters of Kumaun.There is one forest bungalow in the village where the Jims had stayed before killing the bachelor of Pawalgarh. Pawalgarh is known as an organic village. surrounded by the jungle all sides. A village near ramnagar  and in the  district Nainital Uttrakhand (Kumaun region) INDIA. Pawalgarh is a conservation reserve and comes in corbett landscape. this village is rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna, as well as its pristine scenic beauty. its a paradise for nature lovers and Bird watchers. the people of the area are mainly involved in agricultural farming,  forestry ,horticulture ,handicraft. many of its villagers are in armed forces or lives as retirees. this small village of Nainital district have pure air and a healthy environment. Beautiful  landscape. the whole pawalgarh area is  full of medicinal plants, species and herbs, many of which grow naturally around agricultural fields and are cultivated by the local farmers .you can come and learn about these medicinal plants.

Organic farming :  Harrymans promotes organic farming and permaculture by using local sustainable crop seeds with organic compost and manure . the fields are ploughed using oxen and a wooden plough and tractors. In the village a school for learning about the organic farming is running by the durga swai sahayata samuh (self help group). Local farmers are educated in organic practices and the harm that chemical fertilizers and pesticides cause. the organic crops produced are much more beneficial to the health. Harrymans offers a wide variety of activities for anyone interested in learning about organic farming methods. The agricultural work changes from season to season, but there is always work to be done. during the monsoon ,volunteers can help the women plant rice in the paddy fields( june- july ).which although hard work ,is extremely enjoyable. during harvest (september-october) visitors are shown how to cut the various crops using a sickle. These crops include rice wheat maize to name but a few…

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